ICC06 Minutes

Radio Communications Committee (RCC)
Minutes from Meeting in June 2006
ICC 2006, Istanbul, Turkey

  1. Call to Order and Introduction.
    • Committee Vice-Chair Istvan Frigyes presented the agenda.
  2. Technical Affairs Council (TAC) Report (Istvan Frigyes)
    • The Vice President for TAC is Sergio Benedetto <benedetto@polito.it>.
    • All positions and Committees under the TA-VP have been defined: Awards Committee Chair is R. De Marca, Emerging Technologies Committee Chair is L. Cimini, Fellow Evaluation Committee Chair is J. Bellisio, TC Recertification Committee Chair is S. Benedetto, Distinguished Lecturers Program Committee Chair is K. Rauscher, GITC members are appointed by TAC, and Standard Board Chair is A. Gelman.
    • Technical Committees have been clustered to better coordinate the activities of the TCs, and avoid overlapping/conflicts. Cluster Chairs have been appointed. The RCC is in a cluster denominated Communications/Signal Processing. The cluster Chair is C. Georghiades. The ComSoc website has been updated with the new structure and Officers.
    • TC Recertification has started (a questionnaire will soon be sent to TCs). The process should be concluded by Globecom 2006 with possible reorganization of the TCs (merging).
    • Other issues treated were related to
      • Standards
      • Emerging Techn. (with three new sub-committee on ¡§Applications of Nanotechnology in Communications,¡¨ ¡§Autonomic Communications,¡¨ and ¡§Integrated Fiber and Wireless Technologies¡¨
      • Conference approval procedures.

  1. Conference Reports

The RCC has been part of the organizing committees and sponsored many technical sessions at all ICCs and GLOBECOMs.

    • ICC 2006 ¡V Istanbul, TURKEY (Velio Tralli):
        • Wireless Communications Symposium Co-Chairs were Sonia Aissa, Oguz Sunay, and Velio Tralli (nominated by the RCC). We had 750 submitted papers (739 active), 82 TPC Members (79 active), and 1800+ reviewers invited.
        • The total number of submitted papers to ICC is 2623 (2518 active). The number of accepted papers is 983 resulting in about 39% acceptance ratio. This year, first time in ICC history, the presentation of some technical papers (around 300) is in the poster format. From the technical quality standpoint and the publication in the proceedings, ICC 2006 does not distinguish among papers regardless their presentation format during the conference.
    • Globecom 2006 – San Francisco, USA:
        • Wireless Communications Co-chairs are Sastri Kota, Shahrokh Valaee, Boon Sain Yeo, and Yi Qian (nominated by RCC).
        • Signal Processing for Communication Electronics Co-chairs are Hung Nguyen, Bin Qiu, and Vice-chair: Mohammed Saquib (nominated by RCC).
    • ICC 2007 ¡V Galsgow, Scotland, UK:
        • Wireless Communications Co-chairs are Zhi Tian, Ru H. Wang, Mohammed Atiqzzaman, and Davide Dardari (nominated by RCC).
        • Conflicting with ISIT 2007
    • Globecom 2007 ¡V Washington DC, USA: (report by Marco Chiani)
        • The conference will be from 25-30 November 2007 at Hilton Towers. Tom Stanley is the TP Chair. The General Chair is Jeong Kim. This will be the 50th conference like ICC/Globecom. Symposia proposals should be sent to the GITC Chair.
    • ICC 2008 ¡V Beijing, China: (report by Marco Chiani)
        • The conference will be from 19-23 May 2008, just before the Olympic Games, at the Beijing International Conference Center. The TPC is Ke Gong. Co-Chairs are Khaled B. Letaief and Zhisheng Niu.

    • ICUWB 2006 ¡V Waltham, MA: (Davide Dardari)
        • The International Conference on UWB will be held near Boston, in September 2006. The General Chair is Andreas F. Molisch, the General Vice Chair is Glenn Thoren, the Tech. Program Chair is Moe Win, the Tech. Program Vice Chairs are Wesley M. Gifford, Davide Dardari and Makoto Miyake.
        • There will be two plenary speakers: Robert A. Scholtz ¡§Recent Results and Challenges in Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Radio Systems¡¨ and H. Vincent Poor ¡§Energy and Bandwidth in Wideband Systems¡¨.
        • Around 178 papers were submitted, with an acceptance rate of ~ 55%
  1. Election of Officers to be held in Globecom 2006: call for candidates.

After a discussion about how to proceed, it is proposed by Istvan Frigyes to ask for volunteers more largely (for example by

the RCC email list) and, among the nominations that will arrive, to vote for the future Officers at the next RCC meeting.

  1. The next meeting will be held during Globecom 2006.
  2. The meeting was adjourned at 2.00 pm.
  3. Attendees:
      Chih-Wen Chang National Cheng-Kong University, Taiwan
      Marco Chiani University of Bologna, Italy
      Istvan Frigyes University of Budapest, Hungary
      Andrea Conti University of Ferrara, Italy
      Li-Chun Wang National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
      Davide Dardari University of Bologna, Italy
      Ying-Chang Liang Institute For Infocomm Research, Singapore
      Velio Tralli University of Ferrara, Italy
      Yonghong Zeng Institute For Infocomm Research, Singapor