Who can join Radio Communications Committee

Anyone who is working in radio communications can join Radio Communications Committee (RCC). It is free to be a member of RCC.


How to join RCC

To join the Radio Communications Committee, one can fill out the form at the membership verification and register his/her email at the RCC mailing list subscription

Alternatively, one can attend any meeting organized by RCC and leave his/her email address in the meeting. The RCC meetings are scheduled twice a year, one being held in conjunction with ICC (usually taking place in the middle of a year) and the other with Globecom (usually held at the end of a year). Please check the ComSoc website (http://www.comsoc.org/) for the schedule of annual ICC and Globecom.


Benefits to be a member of RCC

To be a member of RCC, one is entitled to receive all important information regarding various technical activities of RCC, including Call-for-Papers for IEEE journals, many conferences/symposia/workshops in the areas, and other related information.


Obligations to be a member of RCC

As a member of RCC, one will be asked to help to promote various technical activities related to RCC on a volunteer basis.